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It’s Been a Crazy Year!

It’s Been A Crazy Year.

-Since the start of the year, things have changed drastically seemingly overnight. The digital world has been hit especially hard between the largest shift ever between working from home and the conception of the Meta verse.

Although these changes were triggered mostly in part by the health crisis (that is still occurring today), these changes were due to happen at some point in the near future anyway. With technology falling into the hands of people who in previous decades didn’t have access to electricity.

The Meta verse is creating an unique opportunity for an entirely new level of emotional and conceptional connection with users around the world. Both conventional and digital marketing up until recently relied on the industry’s ability to collect massive amounts of data -and here recently to be able to sort that data- creating tailor-made advertising specifically for your customers.

The Meta verse will allow you to combine the ability to emotionally analyze your crowd with that of creating experiences for the senses, allowing for a feeling of person-to-person marketing. This is perhaps one of the biggest changes seen both technologically and socially since the invention of the automobile. Since there’s been so much speculation, its probably safe to assume that the Meta verse will have more uses and become much more sophisticated than currently anticipated. We’re most likely not going to see a large shift to the meta verse until the cost of VR headsets and the technology of AR improve at least slightly. There are several brands offering early augmented reality products currently, but none of them really meet expectations set forth by Mark Zuckerberg’s original press conference. We can guess Meta’s partnership with Ray-Ban will yield more exciting products in the near future.


Based on our work in the home services sector, we have noticed a big change in the way that consumers research and connect, now that they are on a regular work from home basis. We find that consumers will spend on average more time researching a brand or products. For fellow marketers reading this article, this change was most likely expected. But for companies working in the home services sector, they may be left wondering why their campaign is no longer performing as well during the health crisis. For some clients this was as easy as making a small adjustment in their messaging or suggesting ways in which they could help their customers feel safer when entering their homes. By adding messaging to your site such as “Doing our part to help stop the spread”, you could see as much as a 5% increase in calls. This is all based on a recent case study we did on a client who worked in the home services vertical

Should I Be Worried About the Meta Verse

As always with any new channel in digital marketing the Meta verse will have plenty of exploitable opportunities regardless of the industry you work in.


Here’s to An Awesome 2022

Although the years can sometimes bring unexpected challenges, it’s important to remember that we all generally have the same goals in mind. Here’s to hoping that if you got through the year, you’ll have an awesome and productive 2022.

When search engines first became a thing, we were not sure were the technology would lead. Just like how Google came from no where, so did the Meta verse. We are optimistic that this creates amazing opportunities for both marketers and business owners who use the internet to sell their products.

The most exciting part of new technology is it’s amazing ability to inspire creative people and big thinkers. With every new advancement, we find ourselves in a new world once again.

The future

The Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing

As the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Even on a limited budget, a diverse strategy is essential in success.

Marketing a business is like conducting an orchestra. All the pieces must be perfectly in place and everything should be playing together nicely. We saw how quickly things could be shaken up in the course of less than 12 months. It’s likely accurate to say that events will unfold at a faster rate in the future. Based on the crazy years behind us, you should try your best to stay constantly ahead of the changes to your industry.

If you haven’t already, restructuring your website to be mobile friendly should be your highest priority. If you’re not a marketer and you happen to currently have a website that is not mobile friendly, you probably get phone calls frequently from developers who are able to find a list of sites online that are not mobile friendly. This is because mobile friendliness is one of the largest-most complex ranking issue facing a lot of older sites today. 

Making your site mobile friendly could be a simple task, depending on the simplicity of the design and the platform it currently lives in. This is just one more issue that could be plaguing your website and marketing this year.


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