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Website plans
Business and eCommerce plans
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Our personal plan with fast and reliable hosting, free professional email, and 3 page brochure website.
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Basic 5 page website design
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Custom domain

Included with Hosting Plans

Basic Brochure Website

The Basic Brochure site is a 3 page basic site, perfect for small businesses. All sites are custom and have a responsive design that works on all devices. We have plans for larger sites as well. Need a site that can sell products we can do that for you too. 

Monthly Support Time

Our hosting plans come with a minimum of 30 minutes of monthly support time. We will add any updates you have for the site and keep your website up to date on all certificates.

1 Free Domain Email

Domain emails make your business look professional. We create an email that includes your domain address at no extra cost when you sign up for one of our hosting plans.

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Frequently Asked Website Hosting Questions.

Will I have full access?

We provide administrative access to your WordPress website. 

Although FTP access is not included with any of our basic web hosting plans, we can potentially set this up depending on the circumstance.

What is a domain name?

Every website on the internet has an Internet-Protocol address (IP). This address is resolved by the DNS and given a plain-language address called a Domain name. Common domain name examples would be: and This is the address you type in when you visit a website.

When considering a domain name, it’s important to choose something easy to remember. 

Your domain name should remind your visitors of the industry you work in. 

Domain names don’t necessarily have to be the company name. It may be better to choose something relevant to your industry, or a call to action such as:  “”. By using a call to action in the domain, you could potentially increase your conversions. 



Can I cancel at any time?

Month to month plans are considered cancel at anytime. Annual plans are contract and can only be cancelled when the contract ends.

What if I have an existing site?

 We can work with any website on any server. We can also migrate your site if you are looking to move to a new server or to WordPress. 

Why do I need SSL security?

 A SSL certificate creates an encrypted connection between a website and a server. Keeping your SSL certificate up to date establishes authority i the browser

What if I need to sell products on my website?

If you need to sell products on your website we can do that too. There are many different types of site we can setup that include a way to take payments. 

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